Double M Machine, Inc. is a family-owned and operated job shop located approximately 120 miles southwest of Chicago, IL. In 1979, Martin Meister founded Double M Machine, Inc. in order to service the needs of the surrounding businesses. He started with modest goals, a few employees and a little machinery, and worked hard to build a reputation for high-quality work at a reasonable price.

This hard work and dedication has allowed Double M Machine, Inc. to expand and grow at a steady pace over the years. Starting with just one other employee, the company grew to include three employees at the time that his son, Jim Meister, entered the business in 1985. Since then, our client list, business volume and reputation have continued to grow. Although we have grown to a size that is bigger than anything that was envisioned at startup, we have strived to maintain our commitment to each and every customer.

Double M Machine, Inc. building

Because of our growth, in the first part of 2002, we built and moved into a bigger building. Over the years we had expanded our former facility twice, both times greatly enhancing our capabilities. However, in the year 2000, we reached a point to where it was no longer feasible to expand further at that location. After much debate and planning, we decided to move our business completely, and in the process we would put up a brand-new building. Although the expansion was not without headaches, we have completed the move and are currently back in business. This move not only solved our space problem, but ensures the viability of future expansions, as we were able to purchase surrounding real estate. Our new facility, which is 14,700 sq. feet, more than doubles our previous one. We are very pleased with the job flow and enhanced capabilities of the new location.

At Double M Machine, Inc. we have always been commited to the quality of our work. This is something that has not changed as we have grown over the years. One would need only to ask the opinion of many of our satisfied customers to realize that we value quality as much as getting the job done quickly.

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